Tyre Awareness And Safety

Tyres are the only point of contact between a car and the road, and yet their importance to a car’s safety and fuel economy is easily overlooked. ‘Tyre Awareness Week’ aims to get Kiwis thinking more about their tyres, and know how to look after them. This site offers a range of information and actionable steps you can take to maintain your grip on the road and keep you and your family safe.

Do You Know Your Tyre Pressure?

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  • What to look for: tread depth
  • What to look for: tyre pressure
  • What to look for: general condition
  • When to get new tyres
  • What to look for in new tyres

A range of organisations have come together to encourage greater tyre awareness, from government agencies to the motoring industry to the AA, with the aim of helping Kiwi motorists stay safer and be more fuel efficient on the road.

The inaugural New Zealand Tyre Awareness Week was a great success, and helped spread the message and support public awareness of the importance of tyres.  We even managed to get mentioned on the Paul Henry show.

Thanks for everyone for getting involved. Feel free to browse through the site, as we’ve added some photos, information and updates specific to Tyre Awareness Week, and come back from time to time as we prepare to get ready to run Tyre Awareness Week again

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This Months Featured Company

Running a successful Auckland moving company with several trucks on the road and a number of staff members requires a lot of management and attention to detail. Deben Raut of Raut Enterprises Ltd based in Kumeu says “I’ve been operating  Auckland movers companies since 2015 as an independent industry specializing in spa Pools , piano moving ,single items ,trademe delivery and all furniture pick up and delivery related moving jobs right across the north shore of Auckland”.

So as you can imagine tyre safety on his fleet of trucks is incredibly important, “We perform constant safety checks to ensure all our trucks and vehicles are up to New Zealand standard for tyre depth and condition”

The one tip I would give to all companies large and small is log everything, when i perform tyre checks I log it so we have a record and photos of the tyres of each vehicle . Its just too dangerous not to , said Raut.

Deben Raut Movers Auckland