Continental PremiumContact 7 Review NZ

Continental PremiumContact 7 Review NZ

Are you looking for a new set of tyres? Look no further than the Continental PremiumContact 7! Tested and rated highly by many, this tyre offers improved handling, braking ability, and ride comfort compared to its predecessors. With a dry grip of 98%, wet grip of 99%, road feedback of 98%, handling of 94%, and wear of 86%, this tyre is sure to deliver.

Plus, 96% of customers would buy it again, and it’s ranked 3rd out of 145 summer premium touring tyres – no wonder it’s won the Best Summer Tyre award! You won’t regret investing in this tyre, as one customer has already rated it as the best tyres ever owned. So don’t wait – the Continental PremiumContact 7 is the perfect tyre

Key Features of the PremiumContact 7

You’ll be thrilled with the Continental PremiumContact 7’s performance. It boasts improved wet braking, handling, and hydroplaning compared to its predecessor, plus unbeatable dry performance and comfort. It’s made with Red Chili compound for superior grip on wet and dry roads. Additionally, it has customizable sizes available.

The tread pattern allows excellent water flushing and stability in daily traffic. It also has a 96% customer satisfaction rate . Tested on roads across Europe and in labs, it offers outstanding dry and wet handling, braking, and hydroplaning. The PremiumContact 7 has also been praised for its low noise levels, making it the perfect choice for a quieter ride. With its impressive performance, the PremiumContact 7 is sure to make your driving experience an unforgettable one.

Performance in Wet Conditions

The Continental PremiumContact 7 offers impressive wet performance, boasting excellent wet braking, wet handling, and aquaplaning resistance. It scored top marks in tests for wet braking, handling, and aquaplaning resistance, outperforming its competitors in all categories. The RedChili compound in the tread helps to ensure maximum grip on wet surfaces, and the adaptive tread pattern helps to flush away water quickly. This ensures maximum stability in wet conditions.

Here are four reasons why the PremiumContact 7 is great for wet conditions:

  • – Excellent wet braking: The PremiumContact 7 had a braking distance of -2.78m in Tyre tests.
  • – Outstanding wet handling: It had a handling time of -5.33sec in tests.
  • – Improved aquaplaning resistance: The PremiumContact 7 had a float speed of -3.46km/h in tests.
  • – Adaptive tread pattern for better water flushing and stability.

Performance in Dry Conditions

Experience unbeatable dry performance with the Continental PremiumContact 7 tyre. The 7th generation of the PremiumContact range is designed for outstanding performance in dry conditions. It has achieved top marks in dry braking, dry handling, and rolling resistance tests by Tyre Reviews, Auto Express, and Auto Bild.

The PremiumContact 7 has a size-specific design and features a RedChili compound for the tread, which improves performance in wet and dry conditions. It provides excellent grip and stability in daily traffic and is suitable for electric and traditional combustion engine cars and SUVs. It’s no wonder the PremiumContact 7 has been highly recommended for its performance and comfort.

Rolling Resistance and Fuel Efficiency

Lower rolling resistance means better fuel efficiency. These tests prove that the PremiumContact 7 has improved fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor. This tyre is sure to save you money on gas thanks to its low rolling resistance.

Customers have also commented on the tyre’s improved performance and comfort, with many saying it’s transformed their cars. The tyre has also been praised for its low noise levels, providing a more comfortable ride. So if you’re looking for a tyre that offers improved fuel economy, the PremiumContact 7 could be the perfect option.

Comfort and Noise Level

Feel the comfort and quietness of the PremiumContact 7, thanks to its low noise levels and improved performance.

Continental tyres have received positive reviews from customers for their grip, handling, and quietness. The tyre has been tested to high levels and is achieving excellent scores in dry and wet braking, handling, aquaplaning, noise levels, and rolling resistance.

The PremiumContact 7 offers superior comfort compared to its predecessor, with customers reporting an immediate and stable cornering at higher speeds. The tyre also offers low noise levels, with customers noting a similar comfort and noise to previous tyres.

The rolling resistance of the tyre is slightly higher than its competitors, resulting in a loss of 2 MPG. Despite this, the PremiumContact 7 is highly recommended as it offers a mix of touring and sports performance, improved performance on wet and dry roads, and excellent comfort and quietness.

Tread Wear

You can expect the PremiumContact 7 to deliver long-lasting performance, with its tread wear rated at 86%.

Here are four reasons why:

  1. Its RedChili compound provides superior grip on both wet and dry roads.
  2.  The tread pattern allows for excellent water flushing and stability in daily traffic.
  3.  It is designed with size-specific technology to ensure maximum longevity.
  4.  It is tested on roads across Europe and in labs to ensure optimal performance.

The PremiumContact 7 provides excellent performance over long-term use, with minimal loss of grip and enhanced comfort. It’s a great choice for those seeking superior performance and long-term reliability.

Price and Warranty

Experience peace of mind with the PremiumContact 7, thanks to its competitive price and warranty. With a reasonable price tag, you can enjoy the maximum performance of the tyre without breaking the bank. Plus, you can rest assured with the included warranty, which covers defects in material or workmanship for up to 50,000 kmss.

You’ll also get a free replacement for any tyre that suffers irreparable road damage. This tyre is an investment that lasts, so you can enjoy all its benefits for years to come. And with its many accolades, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles is the PremiumContact 7 suitable for?

The Continental PremiumContact 7 is an incredibly versatile tyre suitable for a wide variety of vehicles. This includes compact cars, sedans, SUVs, sports cars, and more importantly, electric vehicles. The tyres come in a range of customizable sizes that can be adjusted to fit your particular vehicle. They are specifically designed to provide better handling and improved wet braking performance. These tyres are often commended for their exceptional grip, superior handling, and the quiet ride they offer, making them a perfect choice for any vehicle type.

How does the PremiumContact 7 compare to its predecessor?

The PremiumContact 7 tyre is a notable upgrade from its predecessor, showcasing considerable improvements in key areas. Handling capabilities, braking ability, and overall ride comfort have been notably enhanced. The tyre’s wet and dry grip performance, road feedback, wear characteristics, and comfort features have all been refined to create a superior tyre. Many users recommend the PremiumContact 7 for its impressive grip, smooth handling, and surprisingly quiet ride.

Are there any size-specific features of the PremiumContact 7?

Indeed, the Continental PremiumContact 7 comes packed with size-specific design features. Notably, the tyre utilizes a unique RedChili compound in its tread. This particular compound provides optimized grip and rolling resistance. The PremiumContact 7 is available in a range of sizes, from 16 to 21 inches, making it adaptable to a broad array of vehicles. You can explore more about the size-specific features and other details on the official Continental website.

What are the major differences between the PremiumContact 7 and its competitors?

When compared to its competition, the PremiumContact 7 tyre shines brightly. It delivers superior performance on key parameters such as wet grip, dry braking, and overall handling. The tyre also surpasses its competitors in terms of wear characteristics, ride comfort, and rolling resistance. What sets the PremiumContact 7 apart is its compatibility with electric vehicles, a feature not commonly seen among its competitors.

Does the PremiumContact 7 perform differently in different seasons?

Yes, the performance of the PremiumContact 7 does indeed vary with the seasons, but it manages to provide impressive performance all year round. This tyre has been engineered to offer excellent dry and wet grip, making it suitable for both summer and rainy seasons. The inclusion of the RedChili compound in the tyre design ensures optimal performance across all weather conditions. This makes the PremiumContact 7 an excellent choice for all types of vehicles, including electric ones, in any season.


The Continental PremiumContact 7 is a great choice for summer driving. It offers excellent handling, braking, and ride comfort, as well as excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.It also has low rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency, is comfortable and quiet, and offers good tread wear. With such great performance and a competitive price, it’s no surprise that 96% of customers would buy the tyre again.

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